Robert C Morgan

Curriculum Vitae
Essays and Reviews



"Pierre Soulages: Painter of Black and Light," Hyperallergic, (May 14, 2014)

"Breaking the Ground Between Art and Architecture," Hyperallaergic, April 25, 2014

"Putting the 'No' in 'Nostalgic'," Hyperallergic, April 23, 2014

"Keith Sonnier's Tactile Formulations in Neon and Glass," Hyperallergic, February 7, 2014

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“Can BOB DYLAN Paint?” The Brooklyn Rail (Nov 2011).

“FREDERICK HAMMERSLEY: The Origins of Pictorial Space,” The Brooklyn Rail (Oct 2011).

“LINDA CROSS: Excavation Painting,” The Brooklyn Rail (Oct 2011).

“La Saison de Claude-Oskar Monet, ” The Brooklyn Rail (Sept 2011). 

"IN VENICE: Schnabel and the Persistence of Art, ” The Brooklyn Rail (Sept 2011)

“Does Nordic Art Exist? A Lesson In Transculture,” The Brooklyn Rail (July- August 2011).

“INFLUENCE OR AFFINITY? Case in Paint: Soutine and Bacon,” The Brooklyn Rail (June 2011).

“Where Malevich Has Left Us Today,” The Brooklyn Rail (May 2011). 

“BEYOND “WHAT YOU SEE”:Rethinking Abstract Painting as a Signifying Process,” The Brooklyn Rail(April 2011).

“Hard-Edgeness in American Abstract Painting,” The Brooklyn Rail (March 2011)

“JENNIFER BARTLETT’S Recitative: Fractions Between Concept and Decorum,” The Brooklyn Rail(February 2011).

"Tumescent Follies, Inflated Money, and Kitschy Sex,"The Brooklyn Rail (Dec 2010 - Jan 2011).

"Audrey Flack and the Revolution of Still-Life Painting, The Brooklyn Rail (Nov 2010).

"Un Renard Dans l'Art:The Paintings of Farrell Brickhouse." The Brooklyn Rail (Oct 2010).

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"Kiki Smith: Allegories of Living and the Mystery of Existence, The Brooklyn Rail;(Jul-Aug 2010).

"Signs or Sex Within A Sexless (Phantasmagorical) Void," The Brooklyn Rail (June 2010).

“The Bauhaus Idea: How To Live with Art,” The Brooklyn Rail (Dec 2009 - Jan 2010). 

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“Frederick Sommer's Paradigm of Art and Reality,” The Brooklyn Rail (March 2010).

“Readymades Remade(After Consumption): Detritus as Art,” The Brooklyn Rail (April 2010), p.39

“Immersion, Infinity, and the Quality of Life,”The Brooklyn Rail (May 2010).

“Reflections on the Artist Warrior,” The Brooklyn Rail (May 2010).

“Where’s the Matter?: On the Sculpture of Kenneth Snelson,” The Brooklyn Rail (April 2009).

Jack Bush, Works on Paper,” The Brooklyn Rail (May 2009).

“Graham Nickson: Italian Skies,” The Brooklyn Rail (June 2009).

>“The 11th International Istanbul Biennial: What Keeps Mankind Alive?,” The Brooklyn Rail (October 2009).

“A Tribute to Charles Seliger (1926-2009),” The Brooklyn Rail (November 2009). 

“Letter From Venice Off-Season: Art between the Biennials,” The Brooklyn Rail (September 2008). 

“Arthur Cohen,” The Brooklyn Rail (October 2008). Artseen column. 

“Medium Cool: The Case for Serrano's Hot Shit,” The Brooklyn Rail (October 2008). 

“He Sen,” The Brooklyn Rail (November 2008).

“Lee Ufan,” The Brooklyn Rail (November 2008). 

“Robert Barry: NOT THE ART OF WAR, BUT ART AND WAR,” The Brooklyn Rail (December 2008). 

“Extending the Universe: Conceptual Art, Women, and the Structuralist Paradigm,” The Brooklyn Rail (February 2008). 

“David Geiser,” The Brooklyn Rail (March 2008). 

“The Destiny of Larry Poons," The Brooklyn Rail (March 2008).

“Tadaaki Kuwayama’s Aesthetics of Infinity,” The Brooklyn Rail (April 2008). 

“Bien-U Bae,” The Brooklyn Rail (May 2008). 

“Meaning in Art,” The Brooklyn Rail (May 2008). 

“Weltanschauung and Abstract Painting,” The Brooklyn Rail (June 2008).

“Absence and the Continuum of Nature,” The Brooklyn Rail (July - August 2008). 

“A Note on Botero’s Abu Ghraib,” The Brooklyn Rail (December 2006/January 2007). 

“Gary Hill,” The Brooklyn Rail (March 2007). 

“Mayumi Terada,” The Brooklyn Rail (April 2007). 

“Tala Madani: Smoke and Mirrors,” The Brooklyn Rail (May 2007). 

“Letter from Iran,” The Brooklyn Rail (June 2007). 

“Lee Ufan's Resonance & Artempo: Where Time Becomes Art,” The Brooklyn Rail (July/August 2007). 

“Hwang Young Sung: Painter from GwangJu,” The Brooklyn Rail (December 2005/January 2006). 

“Susan Bee and Miriam Laufer,” The Brooklyn Rail (March 2006).

“In Memory of the Video Mentor: Nam June Paik (1932–2006),” The Brooklyn Rail (March 2006). 

“Whitney Biennial 2006: Day for Night,” The Brooklyn Rail (April 2006). 

“Jules Olitski,” The Brooklyn Rail (May 2006).

“Allan Kaprow (1927–2006),” by Robert C. Morgan, Wolf Kahn, and Irving Sandler, The Brooklyn Rail (May 2006). 

“Jay Milder,” The Brooklyn Rail (June 2006). 

“In Conversation: Seo-Bo Park with Robert Morgan,” The Brooklyn Rail (July/August 2006). 

“The Anti-Aesthetic of Dada,” The Brooklyn Rail (July/August 2006). 

“Jin Soo Kim,” The Brooklyn Rail (March 2005). 

“The Meaning of Silence,” The Brooklyn Rail (May 2005).

“Unraveling Cultural Globalization,” The Brooklyn Rail (July/August 2005). 

"Ryszard Wasko: Bedtime Stories,” The Brooklyn Rail (December 2003/January 2004). 

“Natvar Bhavsar,” The Brooklyn Rail (February 2004). 

“A Triple Alliance: de Chirico, Picabia, Warhol,” The Brooklyn Rail (March 2004). 

“In Conversation: Hermann Nitsch with Robert C. Morgan,” The Brooklyn Rail (April 2004). 

“Portraits in Richmond,” The Brooklyn Rail (June 2004). 

“Two Biennials, Two Models: GwangJu and Lodz,” The Brooklyn Rail (November 2004). 

“The Citadel of Art,” The Brooklyn Rail (April – May 2003). 

“The Man Who Carried His Art in His Pocket - A tribute to Fred Sandback,” The Brooklyn Rail (August 2003). 

"Another Art Story From Venice - Featuring Gina Lollobrigida!,” The Brooklyn Rail (October 2003). 



Larry Bell’s Architectonic Light: Early Cubes and Improvisations,” East of Borneo (February 2012).


“Beckett on a Heideggerian Horizon: Joseph Kosuth at Sean Kelly,” Art Critical (May 2011)

“Girlies, Flowers, and Vegetable Delights: Marjorie Strider Rediscovered,” Art Critical (Mar 2011)

“Paragon of Modernism: Esteban Vicente at the Grey,” Art Critical (Feb 2011)

“Jannis Kounellis: Hard Materials, Transcendent Light,” Art Critical (Nov 2010)

“What goes around… Audrey Flack’s Wheel of Fortune at Gary Snyder,” Art Critical (Nov 2010)

“Purloined Destiny: Julian Schnabel’s Polaroids,” Art Critical (Sept 2010)

“When Hypothesis Trumps Quality: Le Tableau at Cheim & Read,” Art Critical (Jul 2010)

“Robert Ryman: Large-small, thick-thin, light reflecting, light absorbing at PaceWildenstein,”Art Critical (March 2010)

“Zhang Huan at Pace Wildenstein,” Art Critical (Feb 2010)

“Gabriel Orozco at The Museum of Modern Art, New York,” Art Critical (Jan 2010)

“Liu Ye: Leave Me in the Dark at Sperone Westwater Gallery,” Art Critical (Dec 2009)



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